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Written by Kevin Liew on 19 Mar 2013
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Vector are essential for everyone. Vector can be used as illustrations, backgrounds or logos regardless of its resolution size. That is the flexibility of Vectors. Just so you know, vector images are made up of many scalable objects which are defined not by pixels (the common image resolution size), but by mathematical equations. This allows vectors to be rendered at the highest quality possible when compared to the other types of image files.

One of the sites providing the best quality vector images on the web is surely This microstock agency has shown significant development over the years and has nurtured a large base of customers and contributors who support the website continuously. Besides providing high quality stock photos, the website also provides vectors, footages, and logos. The total number of files in their library will reach over 18 million by the time this article is published. Those files are selected carefully to make sure that they provide the best fit for their customers.

Looking for desired images on the website is very easy. The navigation system is simple so if you want to look for vector illustrations, you can click a “vectors” link on top of the website and then you will be provided by various categories of vectors available. Some examples include: background, pattern, fantasy, funny, wallpaper, etcetera. Besides that, there are also festive one off categories such as: Easter, Spring, Valentine, and so on.

When you select a category, you will be directed to a new page with a series of images available for purchase. Here, you can easily find the most suitable vector image to suit your needs thanks to the advance search option provided on the left panel of the page. There are several view options. You can arrange the images from the latest to the oldest, or sort the images based its download rate, relevance, and latest release. Some other options give you freedom to choose images based on their subscription level, model preference, gender, and age if any. Based on the result of this advance search engine, the most downloaded vector images at 123RF are clearly those of the kiddy and animals variety.

Besides the high quality vectors image collection on this website, you must also check out their exclusive logo design collection. This collection is perfect for those who are starting a business and confused by the thought of creating a logo. 123RF has almost 1 thousand original logo designs which can be bought exclusively for your business. When you buy one of these logos, the logo will be yours completely. The logo you choose will be removed from sale immediately and you will be free to use it for your company or as part of your trademark and service mark application. However, when compared to the other types of images, logo design cost more credits. This is understood as the logo is used and fully owned by you. The logo itself is also presented in a vector form, so you can scale it to any size you want without being worry about a decrease in quality. However, you cannot use the non-logo vectors (vectors that are not available within 123RF’s LOGO section) for a business or trademark logo. For more information regarding the terms and condition of using files and logos from 123RF, you can read the FAQ or Policies page.

In short, you do not need to worry about finding quality vector images or logo designs for your company. You can always look up 123RF which offer cheap prices and great quality images.

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