11 Minimal And Elegant Portfolio Page With Subtle Animation

Written by Kevin Liew on 09 Apr 2012
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Portfolio section of a website is the most important page for designers to showcase their works or achievements to impress their potential clients. It's your personal gallery to display your talent, skills and amazing works that you've completed in the past.

Depend on what kind of design you're going for, we have spotted 11 portfolio websites with minimal design but still doesn't lack of its elegancy and interactivity to give you a wow factor. With minimal design, we tend to focus on the work instead of getting distracted by other visual on the website and with a slight touch with CSS3 and Javascript, you'll get a slick looking animation.

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airoschou 12 years ago
so cool effect~
John 12 years ago
Nice portfolios, thank you for sharing. The website I like the most is #2 - Mickael Larcheveque, #1 is also cool, but it loads too slow. For my portfolio I would like to have a grid with images which will expand on mouse over, do you have such an example?
Gabriel D. 12 years ago
To get what you would like you would probably have to use javascript, to make sure all site visitors can see the portfolio. I have seen an interesting use of AJAX, (if you don't know what it is, it's Javascript+XML), on the homepage of www.creattor.com, where the assets are arranged in a grid thumbnail view, and when you mouse over the thumbs, you see a preview of the file loaded to the portal. You could check it out to see if it is something you were looking for.
Keep in mind that you would need to have a fast server, otherwise your users are going to grow old waiting for the previews to load; you could ask the guys from creattor and see what solution they have - maybe it's a cloud solution, or something similar...
Hamid 12 years ago
thx for the article, honestly i like andrei portfolio than others.