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Tips For Improving Your Site Speed

Web Development
23 Apr 2013
What's more: designers are not the only ones catching on to the importance of site speed. Google factors site speed in its search engine rankings....

Speed Up Web Page Loading By Deferring Javascript

11 Apr 2012
Deferring JavaScript execution is an efficient approach to accelerate web page loading and improve user experience on reading. From the true experience, migrating our website...

12 Killer Tips and Tricks for Building HTML Email

08 Aug 2011
I have listed out 12 tips and tricks, something I learned from all the EDMs I have built and of course from the Internet as...

8 Fast and Furious Tools to speed up your CSS and HTML Coding Time

17 May 2011
Ever wondering how to speed up your HTML and CSS coding? We are not talking about Grid framework nor CSS reset here. In this post...

8 Most Effective Methods to Optimize and Boost Website Performance

15 Dec 2010
I have learned heaps of techniques and skills in developing websites as well as make sure websites perform well in an optimised server environment. So,...

8 Ways to Increase the Readibility and Beautify your HTML Code

13 Apr 2010
Learn how to tidy up your html code with these methods. These are the methods I have been using, and it will able to guide...

Most Effective Method to Reduce and Optimize PNG Images

10 Mar 2010
A friend of mine showed me this simple but effective technique to reduce PNG image file size without compromising too much of the image quality....

15 Ways to Optimize CSS and Reduce CSS File Size

25 Aug 2009
You know CSS, but do you know how to optimize it? I have gathered a list of CSS optimization and CSS File size reduction tips...