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Create WordPress Custom Post Easily

14 May 2013
Recently, I have accepted a project that uses WordPress as its backend, from its design I can see I will be facing a lot of...

Creating A Simple Responsive Navigation

07 May 2013
Before starting to code anything, I think it is very important to know what it is you are building. Below you'll find photos of what...

Pure CSS3 Navigation Menu Generators and Tutorials

Web Development
24 Apr 2013
Depend on how much time you have, we have found a few pure CSS3 menu generators and also a handful of online tutorials that will...

Create Beautiful Hexagon Shapes With Pure CSS3

26 Feb 2013
In this tutorial, we are going to make hexagon shapes that support HTML content and also background image with just CSS3. CSS3 has been an...

Create Attractive Coming Soon Template with CSS 3D and Javascript

11 Feb 2013
We are going to make an attractive coming soon html template with CSS3, CSS 3D transform and jQuery. Let's go a little wild with CSS3...

Create jQuery Pinterest Pin It Plugin

23 Jul 2012
Pinterest has been growing to become one of the famous social media website. It allows us organize and share all the beautiful things we find...

11 Stunning CSS3 and jQuery Powered Tutorials

17 Jul 2012
The introduction of CSS3 has brought a whole lot of excitement to web development industry. With the support of CSS 3D Transform, what was impossible...

Enable Keyboard Shortcuts to Website with Javascript Plugins

16 Jul 2012
Using shortcut key as an alternative navigation method on a website is not something new. If possible, it's actually encouraged to create such navigation solution...

How to grab Dribbble feed with jQuery and CSS3

04 Jul 2012
As a web developer, third party API integration is something you will have to face. Especially with the current trend, we have facebook, twitter, flickr...

Transform jScrollPane into Mac OSX Lion Scroll bar

19 Jun 2012
Recently I have received a request on making Mac OSX Lion scroll bar - a minimal dark grey rounded rectangle and only show itself when...

10 Tips for Writing Awesome jQuery Plugins

28 Feb 2012
I've been developing and studying plugins, particularly in jQuery for quite sometime and through this process I have learned a lot about what works and...

Create a Twitter Feed With Hash Tag And Cache Support

20 Feb 2012
Due to popular demand, this tutorial is actually a revisit from my previous Twitter tutorial - Create a dead simple Twitter feed with jQuery. A...

8 Useful Websites to Learn How to Code Quickly

Web Development
14 Feb 2012
I found 8 really useful online tutorial, some of them are interactive, some of them are written but comprehensive guides to help you to pick...

Build Interactive Websites Easily With Javascript

Web Development
08 Feb 2012
 Building interactive javascript animated website couldn't be more easy than this. Nowadays, you can plugins that created specifically to transform a dull website into animated...