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Create Recent Twitter Tweet Feed with React, Axios and PHP

27 Apr 2016
This tutorial demonstrates the easiest way to retrieve Twitter Feed with React, Axios and PHP. Twitter feed is retrieved with statuses/user_timeline API.

Microweber CMS - A Flexible, Easy-To-Use & Open Source CMS

Web Development
19 Feb 2014
The idea of Microweber was born almost two years ago as founders Boris (designer), Peter (developer) and Alexander (front-end developer) thought the world of CMS...

Essential WordPress Tips and Tricks

31 Jan 2014
After I have gone through a few projects with WordPress as the CMS backend, it has became my official CMS platform I would recommend to...

Offline.js - Internet Connectivity Notification Library

31 Oct 2013
Offline.js is a library to automatically alert your users when they've lost internet connectivity, like Gmail. It captures AJAX requests which were made while the...

Essential Tips and Tricks for Coding and Debugging AJAX Based Website

07 Dec 2009
AJAX combined different web technologies to work together, as a result, it would a major headache to debug it if problems arised. I have a...

A Simple AJAX Driven Website with jQuery + PHP

08 Jul 2009
This tutorial will show you how to create an AJAX Driven Website that overcame the browser Back button and bookmark problem in AJAX. I have...

Create a Ajax based Form Submission with jQuery

01 Apr 2009
Wondering how to submit a form in a same page, and display the submission result with some fancy fadeOut or slideUp effect? In this tutorial,...