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A discount for being awesome!

Tomas and I appreciate very single one of you for joining our mailing list. As a way to say thank you we wanted to mentioned that we are giving out a discount on our book.

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Additionally, we wanted to ask you for some input on mobile apps. We are curious what you guys think are some amazing apps out there and why. This is a perfect opportunity for you to share apps that you have worked on or just share apps you cannot get enough! So please, let us know what apps you think are just amazing, stunning or simply great.

Week 2: Validate your idea through market research.

Last week we mentioned how to brainstorm app ideas, the next step is to figure out whether your ideas is worth pursing. It's an unfortunate truth that just because you build something, doesn't mean they will come. So, just because you have an idea for an app doesn't mean people will use it. There are a variety of various ways to make sure your app idea is going to more or less be a good idea. below are three great posts, with great market research strategies help you to validate your future apps.

Tell us how you come to validate your ideas? Did you previous conduct market research, how did that turn out?

See you next week,
Paula and Tomas