25 Delicate FREE Tooltips And Cloud Tags PSD

Written by Kevin Liew on 11 Oct 2011
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Alright guys, our 6th series of free PSD collection. This time, we focus on tooltips and tags. Tag cloud is a common navigation method in most blog, usually most websites display famous tags only. Tooltips in the other hand, a completely element. It usually gives some more details of an item. For example, some websites put tooltips in images to describe it, or tooltips that display extra information.

These two elements are quite widely used in web development because of its simplicity and effectiveness. In this post, I have collected 25 of them and hope that it will save your time in making your own.

Just in case you've missed our previous famous free PSD series, you can visit them with the following links:

We still have a few FREE PDS series in the coming weeks, so stay tuned with queness!

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Matt Magi 13 years ago
These are great! Thanks.
Prum Seng (Cambodia) 13 years ago