Factors to consider while choosing a gaming smartphone

Written by Kevin Liew on 11 Jun 2021
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In almost a decade we went from flip phones to tablets and smartphones, which literally can hold a world inside of them. However, this is how technology has progressed over the years. The waves of digitalization have completely transformed everything around you. On one hand, it has made communication a lot easier, and on the other, it has kickstarted an era of the internet.

There is nothing denying the positive impact of smartphones and the internet in our lives. However, the magnitude of change they suffice is way too big to comprehend in a few lines. The smartphones of the modern world have influenced an entire generation. Today’s technologically learned youth has a gender gap with the previous generation. Today, phones are not limited to calls or texts, they have much more to it than that. Social media platforms, music streaming applications, and games are a few other additives to the smartphones we possess today.

Playing games on smartphones

The gaming industry has grown indefinitely in the last few years. It has made gaming more accessible to a wider range of audiences. With more and more people having access to smartphones, gaming is not limited to PlayStation and Xbox. A high percentage of smartphones support heavy games like PubG, Fortnite, COD, Fifa, and so on. Children usually have access to Tablets and iPads, and they use them to watch videos and play various games.

People now also have the liberty to link their different devices and play on bigger screens. They can do so by downloading various apps from platforms, like setapp.com. It can help you in linking your iPhone and Mac, so you can easily manage your tasks and boost your workflow while enjoying the ultimate taste of video games as well.

Features of a gaming smartphone

While buying a new phone or upgrading your previous one, a user is expected to keep certain things in mind. Mainly if you aim to play video games on it, you surely have to ensure a few features to have a better overall experience. We have discussed a few main factors andfeatures for you that can give you a worthwhile gaming experience.

Screen and Performance

A screen is the most visible and directly used element of the phone. However, a good screen has to excel in a few features. Games often function at a high resolution, preferably 1080p. Thus, the screen should be able to support 1080p. The type of screen also matters, Amoled displays are usually preferred for the color contrast. These AMOLED panels are considered to be more efficient than the LCD panels. Lastly, for a game to run smoothly, a phone should have a higher refresh rate. Good devices often have a refresh rate of 90-120 Hz.

Moreover, the performance of the smartphone has to be top-notch in order to serve a truly defining gaming experience. There is a System on Chip (SoC), which supports the games and applications on a phone. It comprises CPU and GPU as well. Plus, RAM is also highly relevant in determining the performance scale of a smartphone. Usually, 4GB RAM is sufficient but now the latest smartphones have surpassed this figure, making them a suitable gaming partner.

Battery and Charging Systems

A gamer is surely going to spend long hours on their smartphones. Moreover, gaming is a resource-heavy task that consumes a lot of energy and produces constant heat as well. It is also a proven fact that heat and electronics do not get along that well. Therefore, it is necessary for a gaming smartphone to have a cooling pad or small fan installed on it. It enhances the life and overall performance of the device. Thus, helping the user to play a variety of video games without stopping in between.

The battery, itself is a major point to consider while choosing a smartphone. This batter is the decisive feature in allowing users to have a long-lasting gaming experience at any hour of the day. Different phones have varying batteries, however, a 5000mAh battery is quite sufficient to run a gaming smartphone. It can sponsor a 4-hour gaming session with ease. Moreover, there are devices with 6000mAh battery and even more than that. Plus, many devices support fast 30 W charging that helps you in recharging your device within minutes.

Therefore, these factors can surely help you in enhancing your experience and choosing the most suitable smartphone option while buying.

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