Top Tips for Choosing the Best Cloud Storage for Photos and Videos

Written by Kevin Liew on 31 Jul 2020
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Are you on the hunt for the best cloud storage for photos and videos but don't know what you should be looking out for? Not sure if the cloud service you’re looking at gives you more bang for your buck?

Don't worry, there are a few things to check and determine the value of their storage service. We've compiled a few tips you can use as a guide to finding the best cloud storage for you.

Keep on reading to find out all the important things you need to check out with every cloud storage provider:

Make Sure the Provider Is Secure

The last thing you want when backing up your photos and videos online is for a hacker to get access to them. Any cloud storage you're looking into must protect all your data. It should withstand any breach throughs from any kind of hacker.

The website and traffic encryption are things you need to look into. Does the service offer a safe connection between your browser and the site? Does any data you upload or download travel through a secure tunnel?

You should also look into whether they check for stronger passwords. Of course, making one all depends on you and how good you make it. You'll want the service to encourage stronger passwords and not allow weaker ones.

You might even opt for a service that provides a two-factor authentication method. After you type in your password, they might also send you a single-use code to your phone to ensure extra security.

You'll also want a cloud storage service that makes for easy but secure sharing. Check if they also secure sending pictures and videos to other people from their site. Make sure people you share content with are able to download them or view them.

Look into their physical and cybersecurity measures as well. Are they certified for both areas of the data center? Don't be quick to assume, especially with big-name brands, as it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Look For the Features You Want

Take note that not every cloud storage service offers the same kinds of features and options. Make sure to define what you want from the service and compare your options from them.

If you want to access your data from several devices, you'll want a service that has a designated app. Does the service have a real-time syncing feature, letting you update any changes made from multiple devices? If you are working from more than one place these might be important features to look out for.

Maybe you want a cloud storage service that lets you edit photos and videos on their site. Not all providers offer that option, you'll have to look for ones that state in on their site. It not only lets making changes to your data more convenient but more efficient too.

As mentioned, sharing your pictures and videos is also an option. Remember that some cloud storage services might not offer this. If that's something that you need then it's good to look out for it.

Another extra feature you might want is the ability to playback videos and music. Look for a cloud storage service that lets you watch the videos and play the music files without having to download it first.

If you want to keep reading about photo library syncing, click for more information here.

Check the Costs

Most cloud storage services offer free services, but for a limited amount of space. Offering around 2-5GB of storage, which if you need a lot of space, isn't much. Some providers offer a lot of space for free like Google Drive offering 15GB.

If you're looking for a cloud storage service that offers up to several terabytes. But this comes with either an annual or monthly cost. So, make sure to compare the different prices and special offers to get the best value for your money.

If you don't have the budget you could always make several accounts for one free cloud storage service. It could become inconvenient and hard to navigate through your data. It depends on how much effort you want to put in for free storage.

Look Into Their Downtime

Downtime is what happens when a site temporarily goes down and is inaccessible to users. If you find a cloud storage service that claims they never have downtime, they're most likely lying. It isn't realistic, even the biggest and most popular services get downtime.

That said, you'll still want to look for a service that experiences this as little as possible. They're quick to fix the problem and are transparent to customers when they do happen. If you can, look into the site's history with downtime and how often it's happened. 

You should also check their uptime average speed. This is to see how fast they get back working online. Since they're unavoidable, you'll want a service that gets back up quickly.

Customer Support Services

What kind of customer support does the cloud storage service offer? If there's ever a problem with the site, either with syncing, uploading, editing, etc., you'll want to be able to contact someone for help. There should be online access to support 24/7 every day of the week, including holidays. 

If you're paying for a service you'll want the best quality out of it. They should also give you clear instructions for resolving the problem or offer to check the site and resolve it themselves.

Get the Best Cloud Storage For Photos and Videos!

There are plenty of factors that weigh into choosing the best cloud storage. Hopefully, we were able to highlight some of the important ones to look out for, especially when signing up for a paid service. 

There are dozens of sites to choose from, all with their varying features and prices. Look at all the options available, make sure they're secure and what you need. The best cloud storage for photos and videos is out there, you simply need to know how to look.

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