25+ Common SEO Mistakes Infographic

Written by Kevin Liew on 05 Apr 2019
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While a WordPress checklist comes in handy when launching a new website, an SEO checklist, on the other hand, can help you to optimize your new site for users as well as search engines. Search engine optimization is important if you want to drive organic traffic to your site and boosts its rankings. It also helps you increase your brandís visibility. More importantly, a well-optimized site enhances user experience that leads to increased brand credibility.

Youíll find a lot of SEO checklist that tells you what to do in order to optimize your site. However, knowing what not to do or which SEO mistakes to avoid is also important if you want to preserve your ranking and traffic. Making SEO mistakes is quite common among new marketers or those who have just begun their online journey. The reasons for this is because of the many SEO factors (on-page and off-page) that are available. These can be overwhelming for most beginners, which leads them to make silly SEO mistakes that could prove costly for their online business.

Avoiding SEO mistakes becomes easier if you know what they are. Thus, here is a list of SEO mistakes that could be hurting your siteís overall performance on the search result. The below infographic covers 25+ SEO mistakes such as poor website speed, lack of quality and high-authority outbound links, poorly designed landing pages, broken links among others. Finding these mistakes and fixing them post-haste is important or else it could affect your siteís conversion rate.

Most of these mistakes are easier to fix, thanks to this SEO mistakes beginners guide. So, take a look at the infographic to know what these mistakes are and get started on fixing them right away to improve your siteís performance.

25+ Common SEO Mistakes That Are Killing Your Website[Infographic] by the team at Hosting Clues

Common SEO Mistakes Infogrpahic

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