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Written by Bogdan Sandu on 27 Jun 2018
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People will often tell you that love is nothing but an illusion, a trick your own mind plays upon you. With love, your attention is captured by elements you love about another person. You transcend yourself, becoming a part of something bigger and far more meaningful. In some ways, the same could be said about marketing.  

A great marketing campaign captures their viewers’ attention, entrancing them, and showing them how to transcend their limits.

Marketing uses psychology to speak to a viewer. One of the most important elements of any marketing campaign is an impressive website. As a designer, this article will assist you in creating an attractive website that will make your assist your clients to reach the heights of what any .org….can offer.

From great communication, to surprise gifts, every brand seeks to form relationships that will wow their customers. So get ready to learn some tips to sweep your clients off their feet.

Enchanted at the site of you

When your visitor first gets a glimpse of your site, you want to dazzle them. That first moment of enchantment is what will make your site unforgettable.

You want to make your viewer pause in their tracks, eager for a second glance. When it comes to first impressions, you need to have what it takes.

Show your viewers that your site is up to date without losing a sense of uniqueness. This will enable your site to maintain a clear identity.

Ensure the colours you use to speak to your viewer, that your typography is clear and easy to read, and that your brand speaks to your viewer’s aspirations.

Use muted colors if your audience needs it. Alternatively, use vivid colors if you have a young audience.


Apart from giving a clear aesthetic message, your site needs to be responsive.  This means that it needs to look its best on a range of different devices.

Your images need to remain clear, sharp and emotionally resonant no matter the size of the screen.  You will also want to ensure that your text is easy to read. Your calls to action will need to be clear and easy to use.  

A responsive design has only a couple of seconds to attract the attention of a mobile device user.  Without this spark of interest, your user will simply bounce off your site.

Offer great communication

It’s one thing to attract your user, but once you have their attention, you’ll need to speak their language too.  

Keep your communication clear and concise.  

Your lettering should be well spaced and easy to read.  

Keep your message friendly, yet informative.  

This will make your viewer feel as though you are speaking to them.  

Your customers will want to feel as though they are a part of an online conversation, where you offer up valuable information.  

Your message shouldn’t be one of a hard sell, or your viewer will lose interest.  

Check out some great websites and explore how they speak to their site users.  Take time to work on your content until you communicate the message you want.  

Consider your target audience

When you market your product, you will want to speak to your individual audience.  To do this you will need to know who you are speaking to, what interests them and how they will use your site.

Draw up a persona of your user.  This will help you to establish what your user finds interesting, as well as help him to find his way around your site.  

Explore what your audience needs from your site

What do you believe your users are searching for while exploring your site?  

You may have different site users.  Some may be seeking out information, while others are looking to buy a product.  

You will be able to learn more about your visitors by exploring your site stats and web traffic patterns.  You will also be able to explore how your users are accessing your site.

However, you will also be able to find out information about your viewers by setting up a quick onsite survey, exploring when your viewers ask for support and why, and speaking with your current customers to learn more about their needs.  

Think through what you want your site to achieve

As a designer, you will have goals for your site.  Once you have taken time to explore these goals, you will be able to brainstorm how to set them into place.

If you are selling a product, some goals for your site may include making sales, creating awareness for your product, offering up support to clients already using your product, or generating leads to supply and install your product.

As a small business or non - profit, you may be searching for people to make donations or offer regular funding for your organization. You may wish to create awareness of your program and what you offer.  You may wish to attract volunteers who would be willing to give time to your organization. You might also wish to educate or inform the community you serve of both your services and any crucial information that could assist them.

No matter what your goals are for your site, you will be able to meet them once they are mapped out.  This will help you to come up with ideas and concepts that will help you to meet these goals.

Make your site stylish

When you are putting together a site, you are really aiming to communicate a message to your client.

By creating an attractive, aesthetic site, you are hoping to offer maximum appeal.  Remember to keep your site consistent.

Choose your font, colours and page composition and then stick to it.  This will keep your site predictable and therefore trustworthy for your clients.

When selecting colours, limit your palette in order to keep your site clean and harmonious.  You can select neutral as well as accent colours that are well balanced but try to limit your choice to two.

Keep your site simple

A simple site is easy on the eye.  

Although you have a lot to achieve, you’ll also want your viewers to absorb your message.  

By keeping your site simple, your viewers will be able to digest what is on offer.  This creates a pleasurable experience. When websites are chaotic or overcrowded, it can feel demanding for a viewer.

Make navigation easy

Once your user has found your site, you will want them to be able to explore.  Your site navigation should, therefore, be as simple as possible.

By keeping your navigation tabs in simple categories, your viewer will easily understand where to go and how to find what they are looking for. You can offer easy links for further reference.

Keep your site clear

When your users find your site, you will want them to know they have come to the right place.

Keep your landing page simple and emotionally resonant.  Your viewers can then respond to a call to action or move more deeply into your site.  

If you are unsure how effective your home page is, have a look at your site stats.  If you find your viewers hit your site, but then bounce off without delving further, your landing page is not as effective as it could be and could do with some further work.

Focus your content

Your site has the goal of being interesting to a select niche.  

By focusing your content, you aim to meet the goals or interests of this niche market.  

If your focus is on digital marketing, for example, sharing how to create an effective marketing campaign will be of interest to your niche.  

Sharing how to create great oil paintings might make them tune out.  Select your content carefully so that it is useful to your audience.

Make your content valuable

By offering up valuable content, you will keep your viewers engaged with your site.  Your site is not only there to sell but to keep your viewers informed.

By offering up information, you will keep your viewers returning to your site.  You’ll also encourage any new visitors to stay on your site as long as possible.  

Your website is your first introduction to potential clients.  By keeping your site informative, making your copy easy to read and dividing it into easy to understand chunks of information, you’ll offer your viewers something of value.


When creating your site, you will want to build and develop an effective and valuable relationship with your viewers.  

The steps offered above provide you with some building blocks to work at this relationship.  By offering an aesthetic, friendly and informative site which aims to meet your goals, you will be able to offer value to your clients.  

Once you have put these building blocks in place, remember to monitor your user experience. This will assist you to create an awesome site.

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