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Written by Kevin Liew on 08 Feb 2018
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Getting the right web hosting service is a pretty difficult venture especially with the number of options we have out there. You will likely be on the lookout for a web hosting service which, not only offers you good service but provides you with useful features.

Today, we will be taking a look at one of such web hosting services-, ooowebhost is a is a web hosting company that provides you with hosting at $0. They began operations in 2007 and have since turned out to become one of the leading web hosting companies in the world. A quick search with the tag “free web hosting” would give you some inkling as to the reputation of this company.

As with many free hosting plans, there are special offers for their premium clients, but their free comes with a lot too. It comes with 10GB bandwidth and 1GB of free space. You can host two free websites on this plan, and there’s a free cPanel along with site builders. Add this to the free email hosting; then you would see why 000webhosting is a great option.

We will be reviewing this hosting service based on certain criteria which include:


000webhost’s plan begins from as low as $3.49/month, and their business plan begins from $7.95/month. Their sister company, Hostinger also offer a premium plan and it provides a good value for money.

Signing up for the premium account comes with a free .xyz domain and ongoing web support. This is a unique feature as it also helps with web development issues as well.

The premium plan also includes 24*7 instant live chat support which is a good deal if you decide to migrate to their premium plans. Also, the tech support helps with migrating websites from different servers to their host free of charge.


000webhost provides 1 GB of disk space including 10 GB of unmetered bandwidth. Keeping in that a simple blog post just like this will take up only 2MB of space which means you can write about 500 of posts such as this and not run out of space.

This is quite a generous plan especially since you also get to host two websites and park your domain in the free plan.


When it comes to digital operations, it’s always good to have a backup of your data. Hosting your website on gives you instant backups for all your data, and with a simple click of a button, you can take a backup of your website as well as restore it.

From the control panel, you can create instant backups of your website. 000webhost backsup on just your website but your MySQL database as well. This backup feature is one feature which 000webhost scores high on.


000webhost offers the latest version of cPanel on their free hosting account. Along with this latest version, they offer 100+ auto install scripts – like WordPress, Magento, Joomla and many more.

They also provide support for BoxBilling; an invoice system built entirely with PHP- which allows you to invoice your customers.

What’s more- if the auto install scripts are not sufficient you can always decide to go with their free website builder which has over 100 templates. Using it is as simple as dragging and dropping.


Another striking feature of 000webhost is that they allow you run your ads for free on their site. Most other hosting providers don’t offer this service, and they even display their ads and banners on your site.

However, with 000webhost, they not only display their ads on your website, but they also allow you run your ads. 000webhosts strategy is designed to not only allow you make money from your website but to convert you to a premium customer.

You can even run Google Adsense and other related programs on your site although from time to time Google might block 000webhost.


In the online sphere, it’s important you have a professional sounding email ID, and 000webhost provides you with one upon registration.

What ooowebhost does differently from other web hosts is that they allow you edit your MX entry. This means you can edit your email from Google apps, Zoho or other email apps.

They also support using their mail function on PHP which means you can send out bulk emails to users who register on your site.

The usage is monitored of course, but it’s a great feature to have on for free.


A lot of hosting service providers claim to provide full PHP support, but their claims are often found to be exaggerated or out rightly, false. 000webhost offers truly full PHP support.

With 000webhosts latest PHP support, you can send out emails using mail function and the GD library. 000webhost runs on the latest PHP version- PHP 7.1 and their MySQL version is also up-to-date.

Apart from a full-blown PHP support, ooowebhost offers support for Cron jobs and CURL. CURL is a library which allows you make API calls to other websites.

With Cron jobs, you can execute a certain script at a certain time and as many times as you require. For example, send emails to every member of your site every week.

Not many web hosting companies provide this feature for fear of abuse but 000webhost manages to pull this off while monitoring usage.


O00webhosts customer service is simply awesome. They have a dedicated forum and email support where they attend to the needs of their clients either personally via email or on the forum.

In addition to the forum, there’s a dedicated section for website building where users can get help on PHP, MySQL and all other queries that come up in the process of building a website. is more than just another English hosting company as they have different forums for their Spanish and German users where they too can present their issues.

Conclusively, is a wonderful web hosting company. We are not saying its all perfect as issues such as high CPU usage, occasional file upload limits, database reboots and slow FTP and unresponsive DNS do occur occasionally and persistently. However, it is largely a great web hosting company and compared with most others in the industry, you are getting a great deal and for free too.

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