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Written by Kevin Liew on 12 Nov 2017
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Even the most experienced HTML users are sometimes thrown in for a loop when it comes to telling so many tags from one another.

It’s understandable. After all, there’s so much to learn and memorize.

That’s why every HTML user (novice and experienced alike) must have a helping hand by their side.

This post offers that helping hand in the form of a downloadable HTML cheat sheet.

Don’t be surprised for cheat sheets are not meant just for gaming enthusiasts.

This comprehensive cheat sheet from Hostinger nicely lays out all the basic yet crucial HTML and CSS tags in a nice, readable format that most people have a hard time recalling when they need them.

Downloadable formats

The cheat sheet is available for download as an image as well as a PDF file.

To download as an image, click here.

To download the cheat sheet as a PDF file, click here.


No need to waste time Googling things

It’s good to turn to Google for stuff you’re not familiar with. But when it comes to playing with tags and choosing from countless HTML attributes, it’s best to avoid turning to Google. Because, this search engine is like a black hole that ends-up consuming more time than we plan.

The wiser thing is to open cheat sheet first before coding a web page.

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