Top 10 Design Freebies To Make Your Life Easier

Written by Kevin Liew on 26 Jun 2017
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With over 1 billion websites on the internet today, it is definitely a huge struggle to make your website noticeable. It’s important that as a designer, you always ask yourself; “What makes my website different from the rest?”

With this question in your mind, you will appreciate the benefit of all the web resources available to you.

Here’s a list of 10 of the best design freebies that you can take advantage of:

1. Selima Brush Font

Choosing the right font for your designs is an important part of the success process. You have to choose a font or combination of fonts that enhances your brand and message. Your font needs to be fresh, creative, inviting and most importantly, readable.

Brush fonts are among the popular fonts taking web design by storm. Brush fonts imitate text written with a brush making them vibrant. Brush fonts give your messages a more bold, thick and elegant look.

Improve your designs significantly by using brush fonts. Your designs will not only be vibrant but will also have a human feeling making them come to life. Brush fonts are perfect for logos, badges, web mock-ups, headings, advertising material such as posters, greeting cards, wedding invitations, t-shirts/clothing and more.

In today’s freebie list we have Selima Script, a gorgeous brush font that will add a personal touch to your designs and make them more appealing.

Once you download the free fonts, you will receive them in .ttf and .otf formats, ready for any personal or commercial projects. Download Selima Script free here.

2. Avactis Shopping Cart

Do you have an online store? Are you interested in increasing your sales? If your answer is yes and yes then it’s time to add a cart on your website.

Avactis PHP shopping cart is one of the best shopping carts available and the best part is that today it’s absolutely free!

This shopping cart is easy to use and your customers will love its user-friendly features that entice them to keep shopping.

You don’t have to change anything on your website, simply download the cart, install it and it will integrate with your website hassle free.

But why do you need a shopping cart? Let’s take a look at a few advantages of having a cart on your e-Commerce site:

  • Make the purchase process easier for your customers.
  • Offers your customers different payment options.
  • Allows quick and prompt delivery of products.
  • Helps you to track sales trends and web visitor patterns.
  • Shopping carts come with auto responders that help in email marketing.

Convinced now? Download Avactis PHP shopping cart free today!

3. Coral Web UI Kit

UI kits are important resources that allow you to create a proper design structure without affecting the creativity of your design. UI kits come with different graphic files such as progress bars, buttons, check boxes, etc. These files are important when creating the perfect user interface design.

A good UI will translate to good user experience meaning that the user will get hooked on your design. That is exactly what you want, a customer who is hooked on your design. So, instead of wasting time trying to figure out how to create outstanding visuals for your designs, get yourself a UI kit with fantastic components.

Coral Web UI Kit is fantastic and comes with exciting graphic files including drop-down menus, sign-up forms, subscribe buttons, progress bars, pricing tables, social media buttons, review bars, testimonials and a contact us page. All these components make navigation and the general user experience lovely.

Get this FREE UI kit now!

4. Fitness Icons Pack

Icons are the beautiful graphics that turn a boring website full of text into a creative space. Icons allow you to use small bits of text and fewer web pages to pass a message across.

If you’re in the fitness industry, the fitness icon pack will come in handy. The pack has various icons that your customers will instantly recognize and spare them the agony of having to read a long boring text.

You can use these icons to design a powerful website, or beautiful fitness merchandise such as t-shirts, cups, caps, wristbands and so much more.

The icons come in .AI and .EPS formats.

Benefits of using icons include:

  • They break the text on your page making it attractive and interesting to read. So instead of having one block of boring text, you have a combination of short text and exciting icons.
  • Icons communicate messages in a matter seconds and will often transcend language barriers. For instance, the envelop symbol is associated the world over with email. When you see it on a website you immediately know it means to send an email.
  • Icons add a creative touch to your website, revealing your brand personality.

Download the free fitness icons pack now.

5. Legal Forms for Online Businesses

Legal documents are key in ensuring that your interests and those of your business are protected throughout your company’s lifetime. There are several legal documents that your online business requires.

This pack of 4 legal forms has the most important ones that you need. The pack comes ready with the templates.

1. Website Development Agreement: If you hire a web designer to design your website it’s important that you have a website development agreement in place. This agreement stipulates the work that the developer will do, what time they will take to finish the website and the amount of money they will be paid. Most importantly, it stipulates who owns the website copyright.

2. Terms of Use: This document lets your web visitors know what they allowed and what they are not allowed to do on your site. This particularly important if you plan to allow users to post comments and share content.

3. Privacy Policy: A privacy policy is important if you will be collecting information from your web users. This includes email addresses, payment details, home addresses, names etc. The law requires you to let people know how you plan to use this information.

4. Trademark Assignment Agreement: If you want to buy a trademark for your business or sell an existing mark then you must have a Trademark Assignment Agreement. The agreement shows transfer of ownership of the mark and its cost.

Get these four legal forms in a .docx format in your inbox and start using them today.

6. 57 Fractal Images

Among the most important resources available that does wonder to a website’s design are images. Images have the power to turn your website from a dead content holder to a powerful marketing machine.

This free bundle of 57 fractal images is what your web designs need. Improve your website background, add converting call-to-action buttons or eye-grabbing budges that will highlight your most important content.

Get this bundle for FREE now!

7. Valentine’s Day Posters & Labels

We may be months away from Valentine’s Day, but it never hurts to be prepared. Take advantage of these free Valentine’s Day posters and labels to create stunning promotional materials.

If you want to have a special web page for your Valentine’s Day promotion, then you should make sure it stands out and matches the occasion. These poster and labels come in exciting Valentine’s Day designs that will perfectly capture the day’s mood.

Get these beautiful Valentine’s Day posters and labels for FREE!

8. Free Icons Bundle

Improve the look, appeal, and effectiveness of your website, no matter the industry, with the free icons.

These free icons will be a reason for your website visitors to stay a little longer and keep digesting what you have to offer. If you get it right, you’ll actually see your conversion rates go up exponentially.

The bundle comes with different icons that you can choose for each type of message that you want to focus on regardless of the industry your business operates in.

A Few Things to Consider When Using Icons:

  • Pick icons that widely understood by your audience otherwise, they will fail to pass your message across.
  • Ensure that your icons are consistent with your website’s design.
  • Your icons should not just be creative but functional as well.
  • If you have a specialized audience, skip traditional icon designs and go for more imaginative icons that that particular target audience will understand and identify with.

Get this pack of functional icons FREE!

9. One Page Coffee Shop PSD Template

Looking to increase your coffee shop or restaurant visitors? Consider using a website. Most restaurant owners don’t find the need to have a website but people are now looking for recommendations and suggestion online. You need to be found online by your customers.

Create a perfect website with this free Coffee Shop one page PSD template. You can easily customize it to match your brand personality. So if you’re a funky coffee shop, you can have a website that represents exactly that.

The template is fully responsive, mobile friendly and is SEO-ready.

When using a PSD template:

  • Use Bootstrap framework
  • Don’t disarrange the layers when converting your PSD template to a website
  • Cut the PSD file then convert it to HTML.
  • Use a grid system for best results.

Grab this Coffee Shop one page PSD template absolutely free today!

10. Mascot Creation Kit

Put your brand at the top of your audiences’ minds by creating a unique and fun mascot with this mascot creation kit.

The kit comes with 100 creative 100 accessories as well as 1000s of variations that you can use to inject some creativity in your mascot. It also comes with 20 different poses to allow you to create a unique design for your mascot.

Things to Consider When Creating a Mascot

  • Make sure that your brand’s core values are reflected in your mascot’s design.
  • Your mascot should carry your organization’s colors.
  • Do you want your mascot to have a human, inanimate object or animal design?
  • Make sure that your mascot is different from the rest.

Download this kit FREE now!

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to create a stunning website that converts. All you need are high-quality freebies that you can easily modify to your liking. Get these awesome freebies today and give your clients the most perfect and creative designs!

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