10 of the Best Cell Phone Photo Apps

Written by Kevin Liew on 19 Apr 2017
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You may think that the quality of the photos depends on good your cell phone camera is. But cell phone photo apps can really change the game. There are apps that can add amazing effects, clean up lighting issues, and provide editing options for improved clarity. With the right apps, you can add another dimension of quality to your final shot. Here are some of the best apps for enhancing your photographic pursuits.

1. Instagram

Even if you don’t engage in social media much, you’ve probably heard of Instagram. What makes Instagram great is that it comes with custom filters that can really transform your photos. It also has handy editing tools that make it easy to use, and is perfect for beginners. The best part of Instagram is that it’s free and you can use it to connect with other picture-taking enthusiasts. Instagram website

2. Google PhotoScan

Turning old photos or notes into a digital format can be annoying. You have to put your photos through a scanner and process it. If it didn’t process correctly, you have to readjust it and run the scanner again. Thankfully, Google PhotoScan allows you to scan your photos simply by taking a picture. The quality of the scans is surprisingly very good. You don’t need web hosting to store your photos either. Simply create a Google Drive account and you can upload your scans in one click. Google PhotoScan website

3. Qwik

Want to add fonts and special effects to your photos? Then, use Qwik. Qwik is a free tool that lets you edit your photos without the fuss. You can add graphical accents, unique fonts, filters and frames to your photos. Qwik is known for being easy to use so that anyone can pick it up and start editing with it. There are constantly new graphical additions and features being added on a regular basis, so this is an app you’ll want to keep coming back to. 

4. FaceTune

Want to look the best you possibly can in your photos? FaceTune is a photo-editing app designed to help you improve the way you look in your selfies and portrait pictures. You can use it to erase fine lines, smooth out your skin, give yourself a tan, clean up dark circles, remove red eye effects, and more. This is an indispensable app for anyone that takes selfies on a regular basis. FaceTune website

5. Camera360

Camera360 is another photo editor that focuses on selfies. What makes it unique is that you can add stickers and motion effects to bring the fun into your photos. Like other apps, it provides filter effects and simple editing tools (particularly ones designed for selfie editing). If you’re looking for an app to create unique effects, then this is the app for you. iOS | Android

6. Photoshop Express

For many design professionals, nothing beats Photoshop. Fortunately, Adobe has come out with a mobile app version of their famous program. While it doesn’t have the full features of the desktop Photoshop, it comes with all the tools you need to make a great professional edit. Adobe included some nice filters but it doesn’t really compare with the other apps that specialize in filters. iOS | Android

7. Prisma

Prisma is a photo filter app that is focused on the artistic side of things. It uses the styles of Van Gogh, Picasso and other famous artists to transform your photos into a real life masterpiece. They’ve recently added a feature that allows you to add these effects to videos. The result is amazing as you can really turn simple videos in to what looks like a beautiful and artistic stop motion short. Prisma website

8. Pixlr

This is another great photo editing app. Pixlr is a photo editing tool that helps you fix up your lighting, contrast and sharpness. You can add to your photos with their large selection of effects and overlays. You can also frames and decals to add a custom touch to your photos. When you’re done, you can save your photos on Pixlr, taking away the necessity of using a separate web hosting or cloud service. Pixlr website

9. Lifecake

Lifecake is an app that allows you to create collages for your photos. While it is advertised as a baby photo timeline app, it’s a great app for recording your adventures and building a personal journal through your photography. The app is brilliant in its simplistic design and is very easy to use. Lifecake website

10. Paper Camera

There are many apps that specialize in one type of filter effect. What makes Paper Camera so amazing is that they do it so well. The app does an amazing job in turning your photos and videos into cartoon, sketch, half tone, comic book and noir presentations. It’s more than the average post effect. It really makes it seem like your original photo was hand sketched or painted. Paper camera website

All of these apps are available in the iOS and Google Play stores. These apps can really transform your regular photos into outstanding ones. While there are many different photo apps out there, these are among some of the best to start out with. These apps are also easy to use and fun to play around with. So fun in fact that you’ll find yourself going from an amateur into a shutterbug.

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