TemplateMonster Certification Center – Fit-it-all Free Project for Beginners and Pros

Written by Kevin Liew on 16 Dec 2016
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If you can’t imagine your life without web design, if you want to deepen your skills, and receive an official confirmation of your knowledge by the leading provider of ready-made website templates, than TM Certification Center is just what you need. This is a free project launched by TemplateMonster. It targets the users of all skill levels, startups, freelancers, and web design studios.

TemplateMonster Certification Center includes series of courses for beginners and pros. The topics that the courses cover are installation and modification of websites based on WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, and OpenCart. The type of content that you will be provided depends on your level of expertise in the field of web development. Thus, beginners will learn the basics of how to work with a chosen web platform. They will be given instructions of how install CMS, customize it, and enhance its functionality with extra modules and extensions. Each course includes simple quizzes that will check how well you have understood the provided information. Practical tasks are combined with theory, so that you can check yourself as you pass the course.

If you are an experienced freelancer and you earn your living while customizing themes and creating custom designs for your clients, then you can become one of TemplateMonster’s certified partners. To achieve this, you will be asked to pass a quiz containing 20 questions of different level of difficulty. By passing the quiz, you will prove that you know how to work with ready-made WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart, and PrestaShop templates from TemplateMonster.

On successful completion of the course for pros, you will get more than a personal certificate from TemplateMonster. The company runs a list of partners, which is accessible to their clients. Thus, you can get listed on the chart and expand your client base with TemplateMonster’s customers. You can provide people with installation, customization, and other kind of services, and boost your earnings manifold.

So, are you ready to go? Enroll!

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