Real Shadow - jQuery Plugin that Casts Photorealistic Shadows

Written by Kevin Liew on 19 May 2012
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CSS Box-shadow is one of the best CSS feature, as long as we don't overuse or abuse it, it's a nice subtle effect to have on a web page. If you're not satisfy with the drop shadow effect, check out this jQuery plugin - Real Shadow.

Real Shadow create photorealistic shadows. The author mentioned it's perfect for eye-catching demos and landing pages. The first thing that came into my mind was a thumbnail portfolio page with this realistic shadow casted on each item. It should be able to transform it into a pretty cool and attractive page.


It casts photorealistic shadows. :)



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Jonath Lee 12 years ago
Awesome, shadow effect. The shadow casting indeed looks very close to realistic shadow casting. Love the interactivity with the mouse.
sunil Prajapati 8 years ago
its awesome dude. Thanks for sharing.