jQuery Textext - Tags, Autocomplete, AJAX Support for Input Field

Written by Kevin Liew on 24 Jan 2012
44,125 Views • Javascript


TextExt is a jQuery plugin that provides extra functionality and enhancement to text fields. The core design principle behind textExt is modularity and extensibility. Each piece of functionality is separated from the main core and can act individually or together with other plugins.

You will able to add autocomplete, tags, ajax, filter etc to your existing text field without the need of intensive HTML modification of existing code. TextExt is well-documented with usage and examples to help you to setup your TextExt script in different scenario.


  • Tags: facebook-like tags support
  • Autocomplete: Show list of suggestion of possible input.
  • AJAX loading: Load and submit text field data.
  • Placeholder text: Can be used as label for text field. A default value is displayed and clear it when it's on focus.
  • Filter: Limit the input the text field will accept.



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JamesW 12 years ago
very useful blog post, thanks for sharing this with us.
Joseph Ndungu 12 years ago
Good work men!!! Just what I was looking for!! thumbs ;-)