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How to Display Specific Category Only In Search Result

WRITTEN BY ON 04 May 2011

While customizing a WordPress site, sometimes We also need to configure, how our WordPress site display the search result. On our previous code snippet, I have showed how to exclude specific category from search result. This tutorial will be the reserve, display the posts from specific category only in search result.


Simply insert the code to function.php file in your theme folder.
This code will only show post from category with ID 2 and 5 in search result

function searchcategory($query) {
	if ($query->is_search) {

	return $query;


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Don Banz 11 years ago
I have a few questions about this code:

1) If implement this is it going to affect the search globally on my site?-I ask this because I only need it to function like this for a particular area.

2) How can I get this to work for tags? (is it just a matter of swapping 'cat' for 'tag'?)

3) Once I have it working for tags, I need it work based off of page slug meaning that the tag would be the same as the current page slug. Is this possible?
Lucena 11 years ago
yup how can i use it in tag search? i use your code in my site in its search the specific category but i cant use in tag search