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Posted by Albert Vang on 08 May 2013 under Web Development has 8605 hits and 2 comments.
Essential Elements of a High-Performance Online Shopping Cart

Anyone can build a shopping cart, but you need experience and expertise to build a high-performance shopping cart. Here, we take a look at the essential elements that need to...

Posted by Luke Clum on 19 Feb 2013 under Techniques has 14189 hits and 3 comments.
7 Tips For Improving Your User Interface Design

When you're trying to cover all the functionality that you want your site to offer, sometimes it's easy to lose track of fundamental user design. But your interface must remain...

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UX Design - Taking Branding To A Whole New Level

Identicalness is the word to describe the current marketplace. Consumers are hardly connected to a particular brand; achieving brand loyalty has become quite challenging these days. Traditional marketing strategies, although...