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The Best 20 Tools for Web Development

It’s complicated enough with all the different devices that now have access to the Internet to make a website that will look good and function properly across platforms. This is...

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Muzli, The Ultimate Designer's Toolbox

Many of us have a dedicated design news feed, aggregates latest inspirations from all major design websites. Here I have something similar, a great tool to inspire you everyday -...

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Create Great WP Websites With Startup Framework For WordPress

Accordingly, if a startup company is looking to get online representation, then a solution like Startup Theme for WordPress would certainly help.

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Top 20 Best Tools for developers and designers

The Internet is more accessible than ever before in our current day and age. Due to this fact, having a presence online is more important than ever for businesses, organizations...

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TETHR - The Most Beautiful iOS Design Kit Indeed!

iOS designers, brace yourself and get ready with all the tools for a surge of iOS projects! :) I just got to know InVision has released a really great UI...

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Top 20 Most Helpful Web Development Tools

In order to keep up with these demands and of course, with the trends, web developers have come up with different solutions that will make developing and managing a website...

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The Many and Beautiful Website Examples Created with the X Theme

How many times did you roam the markets far and wide, looking for a proper WordPress theme, while working on a client project? This is simply not the case anymore....

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9 Web Based Solution to Create Stunning Slideshows Presentation

We have HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. Just like building websites, we can integrate multimedia such as photo, video and audio into HTML slideshows. With the power of CSS3 and Javascript,...

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Fenix - A Simple Static Desktop Web Server

Web server is an essential tool for web developer. It's an essential tool to save times and bandwidth. By developing or updating a website locally, we can skip the file...

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Send Friendly Upgrade Browser Notice to Visitors with OutdatedBrowser.js

Here we have Bürocratik, a brand identity and digital design creative agency from Protugal. They have enough with people who are still using old browsers and decided to make an...