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Posted by Kevin Liew on 03 Sep 2014 under Web Development has 3082 hits and 0 comments.
Top 20 Most Helpful Web Development Tools

In order to keep up with these demands and of course, with the trends, web developers have come up with different solutions that will make developing and managing a website...

Posted by Paula Borowska on 30 Jul 2014 under Tutorials has 6679 hits and 1 comment.
A Simple Responsive Email Design Tutorial

If you are looking to familiarize yourself with responsive emails this is a perfect place for you. In this quick tutorial I will be going over how to code a...

Posted by Paula Borowska on 21 Jul 2014 under Mobile Development has 9011 hits and 2 comments.
3 Great Tips on Mobile Design from the Mobile Design Book

Over the last couple of months, I have been writing a book about design with my co-author Tomas Laurinavicius. This post is filled with a bunch of great advice about...

Posted by Kevin Liew on 26 May 2014 under Web Development has 13825 hits and 1 comment.
Automated Workflow for Front-end Developers

Hot from Oven, let me present PHỞ Devstack 1.0 created by source. From the creator of CSS Hat, PNG Hat and LESS hat, pho devstack is an automated workflow for...

Posted by Kevin Liew on 16 May 2014 under Miscellaneous has 14073 hits and 0 comments.
How to Sell Online With Your Own Ecommerce Store

Do you create or sell goods? Are you already selling them online? There are many ways to sell products over the Internet, including online auction sites, online crafts marketplaces and...

Posted by Paula Borowska on 22 May 2014 under Web Design has 13872 hits and 0 comments.
Simple Things to Create The Best Call to Actions

A call to action, or CTA, is a prompt on your website which gets your visitors to do something, to complete an action. It can be anything, something simple like...

Posted by Kevin Liew on 14 Feb 2014 under Web Development has 16569 hits and 0 comments.
Disable Javascript Console in Browsers

Randomly found this interesting reading about how Facebook disable developer tools at StackOverflow. It turns out, it's actually possible to disable Javascript console using Javascript alone but with a caveat.

Posted by Kevin Liew on 11 Feb 2014 under Web Development has 16420 hits and 0 comments.
Understanding Git

Few years ago, I wasn't a big fan of version control, I don't know why but it just didn't work very well. Me and my colleague hated it. Few years...

Posted by Kevin Liew on 31 Jan 2014 under WordPress has 14671 hits and 5 comments.
Essential WordPress Tips and Tricks

After I have gone through a few projects with WordPress as the CMS backend, it has became my official CMS platform I would recommend to people. There are a few...

Posted by Kevin Liew on 11 Dec 2013 under Web Design has 13662 hits and 4 comments.
15 Latest CSS Tools for Web Designers and Developers

CSS tools are considered as an important asset for web developers and designers as they help them achieve desired results by simplifying their jobs they’ve to do. These tools not...