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Elite Pro: 850+ Vector Icons Usable As 13 Premium Web Fonts

Icons. They certainly make the world go round. Well, at least the World Wide Web, that is. If you're looking to add a set of icons to your latest project...

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Amazing Compilation Free Download from Freepik

Freepik launches today this amazing Compilation Free Download with six high quality icon and vector packs put together with different styles and uses so.

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Latest iOS7 Icon Templates and UI Kits

Apple finally dumped skeuomorphism and embraced the popular flat design. Apple announced its iOS7 with flat layout last week, and immediately, PSD and Vector files for its icon grids and...

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50 Gorgeous and Absolutely Free Flat Icon Sets

Here we have a good collection of absolutely free flat icons. These icons have minimal or no use of shadows, gradients, feathers and embossing, everything is just crisp, sharp, just...

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19 Free Icon Font Sets, Embedding Icons Have Never Been So Easy

Icon fonts implementation on website is the new trend! Ever since font-face support is supported in modern browsers, icon font has became one of the solutions to embed glyphs icons...

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A Collection of Beautifully Designed Replacement App Icons

Of all the programmes and applications you have running on your computer, you’ve probably got your favourites. They’re the ones sitting down there on the dock looking fancy – you’ve...

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11 Beautifully Designed Free Icon Sets

Websites need icons, at least that's what I think. If you use it wisely, icons can be used to replace long and boring text. In this post, I have collected...

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10 Beautiful Free Icon Sets for Web Designers and Developers

Icons by their very nature can convey or represent the intended meaning/information provided they are used at the right place and in an appropriate manner. They have a high visual...

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Icons-Land:Your Single Stop Land for Icons

If you are a designer and create beautiful and feature rich software and web applications, you would always be in the look out for attractive icon sets. Icons are mandatory...

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22 Beautiful Icon Packs for Web Design and Development

Icons are very important to web design and development. I have collected a list of beautifully crafted icons for your next project!