26 Beautiful and Inspiring Website Footers

26 Beautiful and Inspiring Website Footers

26 Beautiful and Inspiring Website Footers

Author: Kevin Liew

Kevin Liew is a web designer and developer and keen on contributing to the web development industry. He loves frontend development and absolutely amazed by jQuery. Feel free to say hi to me, or follow @quenesswebblog on twitter.

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Tue, 22nd September 2009
Thanks, they are all amazing, good inspiration source for sure :) Reply
Tue, 22nd September 2009
Wing Stranger Productions link is wrong, add a "http://" ;) Reply
Wed, 23rd September 2009
Good Choices here Thanks!!

My website http://www.imicreation.com has good footers too and been listed in more than 20 css galleries, it could be considered here.

Anyways great selections...
Thanks Reply
Jason Garrison
Thu, 24th September 2009
Nice collection. The footer is usually the hardest element of a layout for me to design, so I'll definitely be bookmarking this. A lot of good ideas here. Reply
Tony Chester
Tue, 29th September 2009
It\'s good to see the footer getting some love. See newly launched http://footerfetish.com for even more footer love. Yeah -- it\'s our site ;-) Reply
Tony Chester
Tue, 29th September 2009
Wait a minute... I recognize your footer! Queness is in our FooterFetish gallery. Too funny, I didn\'t catch that until after my comment above. Reply
Nathanael Boehm
Sun, 4th October 2009
Love most of them, although the Filcka one really stands out for me. Reply
Sun, 28th February 2010
Great Post.
Please consider http://www.wisnetsol.com Reply
Mon, 3rd May 2010
Very inspiring! Reply
Kate Hanley
Wed, 12th May 2010
Sevenedge is very coOl. Others are also good. Reply
Video Production Phoenix
Tue, 22nd June 2010
I keep flowers around with my head on the crown. Reply
Sat, 26th June 2010
nice one. Reply
UK Florists
Fri, 1st October 2010
Great post! Very informative. Reply
Web Designer Dubai
Fri, 15th October 2010
Looks like you overlooked wisnetsol footer. Please look if it should also be added to this list? Reply
Mon, 29th November 2010
very wide collection of footers. they are all well-designed. Especially "Rose Fu" It is really impressive i like it. Reply
prefabrik yapi
Wed, 1st December 2010
a lot of useful footers for webdesigners.
<a href="http://www.aryol.com.tr ">Prefabrik</a> Reply
SEO Company Egypt
Thu, 23rd December 2010
I searched about the creative footers and found 26 beautiful footers.. some of them are coolest on the web, Great. Reply

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