30 Clean and Simple Free Fonts

Written by Kevin Liew on 30 Aug 2010
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If you guys remember, last time I presented a set of grunge fonts up here. Now, I'll be presenting something much more ordinary. There are many occasions when we can't go too wild with our creativity, for example business design. When that happens :), of course we need to be equipped with appropriate set of fonts. And here we go ... below, there are 30 free clean fonts I put together just for that purpose. Enjoy!

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Ore crusher 6 years ago
in the web http://code.google.com/webfonts (support by google) , you will find some fonts for free to use too.
danny 6 years ago
Noooooo! why did you have to skew the fonts man? some of em might be nice, but seriously they all look ugly like that
acheter yang 6 years ago
very nice post, thank you very much
Manik 6 years ago
Nice collection of fonts. Love it!
Thanks for the post.
Tarquin 6 years ago
Yes but they are for use not download, cant use those in photoshop :(