Be a jQuery Expert! jQuery Plugin Development eBook Giveaway

Be a jQuery Expert! jQuery Plugin Development eBook Giveaway

Be a jQuery Expert! jQuery Plugin Development eBook Giveaway

We have a sweet giveaway to offer readers -- 10 free copies of "jQuery Plugin Development In 30 Minutes"! The first ten lucky people who write a comment in this post will get their free copy.

The guide, authored by Robert Duchnik of, was just released by i30 Media, the publisher of In 30 Minutes guides. As Rob explains in the guide, jQuery plugins can reduce bugs, increase efficiency, improve collaboration, and save time. The guide contains no-nonsense explanations, best practices, and lots of code samples, which will help you get started writing your own jQuery plugins.

jQuery Plugin Development In 30 Minutes

This includes the following sections:

  • About This Guide
  • Why jQuery Plugins?
Section 01 – Creation
  • Naming
  • Closures
  • Plugin Function
  • Summary
Section 02 – Prototyping
  • The Main Loop
  • The get() Method
  • Plugin Class
  • Prototyping
  • Summary
Section 03 – Conventions
  • Generate
  • Destroy
  • Init
  • $var
  • Private Functions
  • This & That
  • $.proxy()
  • Summary
Section 04 – Events
  • Note on .hover()
  • e.currentTarget vs
  • Disabling Event Bubbling
  • Naming Events
  • Naming Functions
  • Summary
Section 05 – Options
  • Default Options
  • Plugin Options
  • Additional Options
  • Data Options
  • Advanced Options Setter
  • Summary
Section 06 – Setters and Getters
  • Setters
  • Getters
  • Methods
  • The Routine
  • Auto-Creation
  • Summary
Section 07 – CSS and Themes
  • Naming
  • CSS
  • Setting Themes
  • Multiple Themes
  • Summary
Section 08: Effects
  • States
  • Controller
  • Summary
Section 09 – Callbacks
  • Setup
  • Ajax
  • Naming
  • Summary
Section 10 – Browser and Mobile Support
  • Browser Support
  • Extending $.support
  • Mobile Support
  • Summary
Section 11 – File Organization
  • Simple
  • With Grunt
  • Git
  • Versioning
  • Summary

Section 12 – Boilerplate

Section 13 – Conclusion

Bonus Content:

Section 14 – jQuery Methods

Section 15 – jQuery Utilities

Section 16 – jQuery Selectors

Section 17 – jQuery Events


This is the fastest giveaway ever! Congratulation to the following winners, I'll be sending over coupon code to your email account soon.

  1. Freek
  2. Andrus
  3. Mike
  4. Dactrtr
  5. Wayne D.
  6. David
  7. Karen
  8. David Eguiluz Lopez
  9. Steve Robillard
  10. Marcin

Author: Kevin Liew

Kevin Liew is a web designer and developer and keen on contributing to the web development industry. He loves frontend development and absolutely amazed by jQuery. Feel free to say hi to me, or follow @quenesswebblog on twitter.

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Mon, 30th June 2014
Perfect timing, I could use some expert pointers to become a true jQuery ninja..! ;) Reply
Mon, 30th June 2014
not bad to have a copy. Reply
Mon, 30th June 2014
thx very much! Reply
Mon, 30th June 2014
wow, look awesome, and very complete :) Reply
Wayne D.
Mon, 30th June 2014
Sounds like a great guide! Hope to be able to snag a copy, I do a lot of jQuery but haven't done many plug-ins from the ground up. Reply
Mon, 30th June 2014
great giveaway! hoping to win. thanks Reply
Mon, 30th June 2014
Know a bit about jQuery but haven't done any plugin development with it. Hopefully this book will change that! Reply
Mon, 30th June 2014
Me encantaría ser uno de los ganadores y poder aprender un montón con esta magnífica guía! Reply
Steve Robillard
Mon, 30th June 2014
An interesting way to doa giveaway - looks like a good book too. Reply
Mon, 30th June 2014
first? :) Reply
Mon, 30th June 2014
Really nice!
Keep going this way ;) Reply
Mon, 30th June 2014
I'd like a copy of the book! Reply
Mon, 30th June 2014
I'll take one please ! Reply
nikhil patel
Mon, 30th June 2014
Hi all,
However i am following your each post by your the world best blog but still i would like to have free copy of jQuery Plugin Development because i have poor access of INTERNET.
so thanks for giving the oppourtunity to win it

Patel Nikhil. Reply
Mon, 30th June 2014
Wow, great help, hope that I'm in the first 10 :)

Thank you Reply
Mon, 30th June 2014
This sounds great! :) Reply
kevin Admin
Tue, 1st July 2014
Sell like hot cake!!! Congrats guys :) I'll send over coupon code soon. Reply
Tue, 1st July 2014
YEY i win double YEY!! thanks dude! Reply
Roy Calvillo
Tue, 1st July 2014
Nice giveaway! I'd like a copy please! Reply
Mon, 21st July 2014
Nice One, i nedd a copy Reply
Pablo Reyes
Wed, 30th July 2014
Wonderful books ! I would love to get one ! Reply
Sun, 31st August 2014
Hi, I am new in UI development and interested in Jquery plugin development. I want this books. Reply
Fri, 21st November 2014
I like your post and helping others to learn much more about plugins via your mentioned book..very nice.. Reply

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