Win A 5-Year, $900 Worth Time Tracking Pro Plan at Timeneye

Win A 5-Year, $900 Worth Time Tracking Pro Plan at Timeneye

Win A 5-Year, $900 Worth Time Tracking Pro Plan at Timeneye

Time tracking is an important practice in most companies. It keeps track of time and resources. However we all have to agree that doing the routine time tracking is a chores! But it doesn't have to! Thanks to Timeneye Time Tracking App.

As its name implied, Timeneye is a time tracking web app designed to be fast and easy to use. Built with users in mind, Timeneye focuses on user-friendliness and usability so you get to finish what you have to do immediately.

Timeneye is a web app, which means, you can access it anywhere as long as there's Internet. And the best part - there are time tracking app - natively developed Timeneye app for the iPhone, Android smartphones and Windows Phones, so that you can track your time whenever you are. Same concept with the web app, all these mobile apps are designed for simplicity, making the time tracking almost effortless.

Timeneye is giving away 5 year, $900 worth Pro Plan to 5 lucky winners. This giveaway will run for a month, and in the end of the day, we will be randomly choose 5 lucky winners.

To participate, use the widget below and follow all the instructions.


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Thu, 10th April 2014
Looks like a good tool and the screenshots are simple and flat too. Just downloaded it and I am sure it will impress me.

I am a customer of Replicon time tracking app - which is an excellent time tracking app and I also like their Time Bill and Time Cost add-on's. Reply

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