Super Cool Smooth Scrolling Parallax Websites

Super Cool Smooth Scrolling Parallax Websites

Super Cool Smooth Scrolling Parallax Websites

Single page website design has evolved into a fully interactive, stunning animations and technically challenging web projects.

Few years ago, what you will get for a single page website is usually all content are cramped into a single page and grouped into section. So, as you scroll down, you would able to see all of it, section by section. Nowadays, with powerful browsers plus web technologies, we're no longer restricted to just output information, we can also integrate highly sophisticated animation and presentation to our viewers. It sounds awesome, and they look absolutely stunning in action.

Here we have 8 handpicked smooth scrolling websites with crazy animations. For best experience, use Chrome and wait patiently. :)

Sony: Be Moved

Absolutely stunning animation created by Sony. A microsite called: Be Moved. As you scrolling down, explosive animation to depict each cutting edge technology Sony has ever made. Dismantled products are being assembled as you moving down the page. Crazy.


inTacto: Flat vs Realism

A flat vs realism design parody created by inTacto as a 2014 new year greeting card. It scrolls and it even has a build in fighting game.


Scroll for the health

Nutrition information will be displayed as you scroll through each fruit.


Merry Christmallax

Better late than never. I know Christmas is so last year, but this smooth scrolling digital christmas is definitely worth to be mentioned again.


Make Your Money Matter

Scrolling down doesn't mean the page will go downward. Instead, this page actually go horizontal, then vertical, horizontal then vertical..... Based on its flow of story, this website use the scrolling orientation creatively.


Almost Human: Meet Your MX

A US series created by Fox called ALmost Human. Here we have its microsite titled: Meet Your MX. With its small details and subtle animation, this website is very well-designed and futuristic.


Robby Leonardi's Interactive Resume

Mario's style page scrolling animation. It goes horizontal and you'll see "Robby" the avatar run and jump into sea. If you get caught with the animation, you might miss the actual content in the background. One good thing though, through this kind of website I know he must be pretty skilful to be able to build that.


17 Grad

17GRAD is a web design studio. This exhibit will show you theirs principles in an interactive and artistic way. For best user experience they recommend Google Chrome. There are a few "easter-eggs", for example, you can change the shirt, cutting-edge page has a fancy animation on mouse over... Check it out.


Author: Kevin Liew

Kevin Liew is a web designer and developer and keen on contributing to the web development industry. He loves frontend development and absolutely amazed by jQuery. Feel free to say hi to me, or follow @quenesswebblog on twitter.

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Petr Tichy
Thu, 23rd January 2014
Nice collection Kevin, thanks for the shout out to Merry Christmallax.

The Sony's Be Moved is definitely a stand out though. Here is my deconstruction of this inspiring site for anyone is interested: Reply
Kevin Admin
Mon, 27th January 2014
Well done Petr, I enjoyed your deconstruction article. I was right, It has to be video! :) Reply
Mon, 28th April 2014
Hey Kevin, the visuals on the Sony's site are pretty cool. Images or video, that's not important if something looks cool then it does look cool:)

I have just launched another scrolling site. This time a tribute to the Game Boy.

Check it out Kevin. Reply
Thu, 23rd January 2014
amazing! Reply
orange county web designer
Sun, 26th January 2014
Very impressive and different kind of parallax scrolling. Definitely food for thought. Thanks for sharing. Reply

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