10 Best Website Builders That Any Graphic Designer Should Know About

10 Best Website Builders That Any Graphic Designer Should Know About

 10 Best Website Builders That Any Graphic Designer Should Know About

No doubt you heard the myth of building websites without coding before, and still you have stumbled on either HTML or PHP in one form or another, be it Dreamweaver or other such hybrid site creators that could either be a mix between editing and coding or create static pages only.

The thing is, they have been an important step in the web design evolution, and here we are today facing the products of our dreams: web builders that require 0% code. And I say builders because the market has evolved so fast that you would have a hard time choosing one these days. They work like the simplest image editor - by drawing shapes and filling colors. Which means even a child could do it. Still hard to believe? We have put together a comprehensive list with ten of the best such web builders that we got our hands on:

IM Creator

Our first subject was IM Creator, whose accessibility and ease of use exceeded our anticipation. All the magic happens on a dashboard with a top menu, from where you simply drag and drop the elements of your choice: galleries, videos, even slideshows, social media buttons, links and many more. An HTML widget is present for extra precision, for the code veterans. Registration is not even needed, you can start right away. Even though the service doesn't need customer support (it's that easy to use), this feature is nonetheless available, and not just in one form: a video and a pdf guide are fulfilling the tutorial roles and the FAQ and forums act as community support. Besides, the designer team is at your service for any difficulty you might encounter in the creative process. And all of the above come at no costs at all. What more could you ask for?



If you have a thing for details, but also not enough time to finesse them properly, WebStartToday is for you. Its specialization is the business market, no matter the type of business or branch. With over 1000 unique templates that include the most specialized fields - architecture, clubs, locksmithing services, limousine services, child care, real estate, cuisine, and many more, it is impossible not to find your matching model. This does not mean that similar companies will have the same aspect on their site. Even if the template is the same, it can be easily changed: one click of a mouse and new colors come into play. All the text and content is in place. All you need to do is put your own in its stead, along with the contact details and it's done. Plans are on point: basic (free), yearly at $9.99 or monthly at $99.00.



Website.com is another example of simple "what you see is what you get" type of builder with many features included: free domain, free templates, SEO service, detailed analytics, app integration, and personalized e-mail. The final site is also ad-free! With so much "free" concentrated in one place, it's hard for it to go unnoticed. The service offers two normal packages, basic and professional, and an extra one, called "managed", which includes maintenance and one-on-one consultation with a specialist.



On uCoz you can get everything you need to create, manage and publish a dynamic, optimized website with $0 seed capital - no hidden fees, no contracts and credit card details. Signing up and using this web service is like creating an account on Facebook. The only difference is that in the long run you get a website, not a personal profile. The easiness of use is due to their intuitive interface enabling even completely HTML-illiterate users build decent websites hassle-free.

uCoz differs from other similar web services in that it has a very beneficial, feature-laden free package. Just look at the list of perks it gives to you: extended statistics, unlimited traffic, user group management, technical support + ability to attach a previously bought domain name and create a custom domain. To expand your freedom of webmastering you may want to upgrade to one of their paid packages. Their subscriptions start at $3.09 monthly.



A professional designer has needs for a professional platform where they can design beautiful, pixel-perfect websites without needing to know code. This is where Webydo comes in. Webydo is the ultimate platform to build websites, and with its powerful CMS, you will have total authority over the design and still give your client access to the content without the customer tampering with your custom created layout. Webydo has many similar tools to other design programs, and best all, it’s free to use.



Wopop is a free website builder with a lot of templates categorized on domains - or colors, your choice. You can also see the templates before signing up. Wopop offers a free package and two premium plans. With the free version, ads are included. The prices for the premium go as low as $3.18 per month, with the possibility of having a three years plan for $7.98 per month. Other services include SEO optimization and e-commerce functions.



Aircus' could pass as the hipster of web builders. Its design revolves around two main colors and simple shapes with stern fonts, avoiding flamboyant or extravagant letters that are hard to read. It keeps it cool and simple. It doesn't exaggerate with templates either. It's not for the users who like to spend hours choosing one. The few available though, are the expression of style. And since it's for simple people but with good tastes, it takes simplicity to the next technological level: you can create your site straight from your tablet or phone, and it will be ready in minutes!



Wix is a balanced, thorough and simple to use code free web builder. Its most interesting feature is the suggestion made by matching the resulting templates with your business field of choice, so you don't have to browse through countless templates. This makes it great for beginners and for hurried business men. Though not free, it has a free demo that lasts until you want to publish your site. You can work at your own pace, complete the site, and choose the package right before launching it.



MadeFreshly's specialty is online stores. The first step is adding your products on the virtual shelves. No registration is required up to this point. Then, you proceed to customizing your site. The templates are not too many, but diverse and elegant, and most importantly - free. Packages come as both free and premium, with the former limiting you to three pages, ten products and two themes. Also, you are not allowed to put more than one picture per product, unless you choose one of the premium packages, which are priced at $11.99, $19.99 and $34.99 and include promotion service, mobile support and Google Analytics.



Cubender is a quick code free Flash site builder that's ideal for small businesses and online stores. However, it doesn't limit itself to that. It's actually one of the best blends of thoroughness and simplicity out there. It features wysiwyg editing, e-commerce functions, SEO assistance, Google Analytics, gallery and video integration, free templates, mobile support and a 14 days free trial. Pricing starts at $9.95 per month and goes up to $28.95 for the most advanced package.


Author: Kevin Liew

Kevin Liew is a web designer and developer and keen on contributing to the web development industry. He loves frontend development and absolutely amazed by jQuery. Feel free to say hi to me, or follow @quenesswebblog on twitter.

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Thu, 8th August 2013
you missed squarespace.com Reply
Mauro Freitas
Thu, 8th August 2013
Excelentes dicas! Muito obrigado! =) Reply
Fri, 23rd August 2013
Thanks for the list. I also been using a web app called EWC Presenter; I love how they're combining the features of the application and incorporating UI into the functionality of the app. it's worth taking a closer look: http://www.ewcpresenter.com/ Reply
Mon, 20th January 2014
Very nice list. You can also create free modern responsive websites & blogs at http://simplesite.co along with totally free hosting. Reply
James L.
Sun, 9th March 2014
Some of them are not bad, very helpful. You can also refer to http://anysnapshot.com to some get some free graphic designs for project inspirations:) Reply
Lori Miller
Mon, 24th March 2014
Very helpful post! I recently used http://puzl.com/ and think it's a great Freemium tool to be also added to the list! Reply
Wed, 26th March 2014
That great with collection themes.
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