Minimalism: Complex Philosophical Theories Through Basic Shapes

Minimalism: Complex Philosophical Theories Through Basic Shapes

Minimalism: Complex Philosophical Theories Through Basic Shapes


Genis Carreras - the graphic designer behind a poster series explaining complex philosophical theories through basic shapes. It needs high level of imagination and creativity to condense such a complex idea into simple shapes and colors and Genis definitely did a great job in this. You can buy his poster in here.

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  • DeismPhilosophical Ideas - Deism
  • HumanismPhilosophical Ideas - Humanism
  • EmpiricismPhilosophical Ideas - Empiricism
  • SolipsismPhilosophical Ideas - Solipsism
  • ReductionismPhilosophical Ideas - Reductionism
  • HolismPhilosophical Ideas - Holism
  • RelativismPhilosophical Ideas - Relativism
  • AuthoritarianismPhilosophical Ideas - Authoritarianism
  • RationalismPhilosophical Ideas - Rationalism
  • PositivismPhilosophical Ideas - Positivism
  • DogmaPhilosophical Ideas - Dogma
  • Free willPhilosophical Ideas - Free will
  • ScepticismPhilosophical Ideas - Scepticism
  • RealismPhilosophical Ideas - Realism
  • UtilitarianismPhilosophical Ideas - Utilitarianism
  • MarxismPhilosophical Ideas - Marxism
  • AbsolutismPhilosophical Ideas - Absolutism
  • DeterminismPhilosophical Ideas - Determinism
  • HedonismPhilosophical Ideas - Hedonism
  • ExistentialismPhilosophical Ideas - Existentialism
  • NihilismPhilosophical Ideas - Nihilism
  • IdealismPhilosophical Ideas - Idealism
  • DualismPhilosophical Ideas - Dualism

Author: Kevin Liew

Kevin Liew is a web designer and developer and keen on contributing to the web development industry. He loves frontend development and absolutely amazed by jQuery. Feel free to say hi to me, or follow @quenesswebblog on twitter.

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Sun, 18th March 2012
Interesting design philosophy. Thank you. Reply
Pritesh Desai
Mon, 19th March 2012
This is amazing, the artist has expressed the ideas in a beautiful manner. Reply
Tom B
Sat, 28th April 2012
These are beautiful! Reply
Mon, 30th April 2012
come sempre in questi casi il margine che divide la genialità dalla cagata è sottilissimo.
Mon, 17th September 2012
These are really nice, I like this sort of art style but can never remember what it is called! Reply
Tue, 18th September 2012
you don't present monism, but instead one version, idealism. what about physicalism? Reply

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