Build Interactive Websites Easily With Javascript

Build Interactive Websites Easily With Javascript

Build Interactive Websites Easily With Javascript


Building interactive javascript animated website couldn't be more easy than this. Nowadays, you can plugins that created specifically to transform a dull website into animated and interactive website. These javascript plugins are the real time saver and they are well-documented and easy to implement! Sometimes, with some creativity and good design, you can use these plugins to build impressive and highly interactive websites that could win some web design awards.

In this post, I have found 10 plugins that focus on building a cool website layout. Some are built for such purposes and a few I reckon they have the potential. For me, my favourite would be QuickSand, Masonry and ScrollTo plugins. How about you?

  • Zoomoz.jsZoomoz.jsZoomooz is an easy-to-use jQuery plugin for making any web page element zoom. This can be a really cool effect for a portfolio website.
  • ScrollramaScrollramaScrollrama uses the browser scrollbar to trigger a series of animation for different section of a website. Awesome plugin for single page layout.
  • BetterNikeWorld ParallaxBetterNikeWorld ParallaxThe famous NikeBetterWorld Parallax effect is converted into a plugin.
  • Impress.jsImpress.jsThis isn't a normal HTML presentation slideshow, it uses CSS3 transform and transition. With some creativity and design one should able to transform this awesome effect and make an awesome website.
  • jQuery TimelinrjQuery TimelinrjQuery Timelinr is meant to enhance boring timeline, it supports both horizontal and vertical layout. This reminded me of Panic Code website layout.
  • IsotopeIsotopeIsotope is a very famous plugin to create dynamic, sortable and intelligent layout that can't be achieve with CSS. It has the famous masonry layout that has been used but a lot of blogs.
  • PagifyPagifyPagify is a simple jQuery plugin that simply replaces the contents of a div with content from other html files.
  • ScrollToScrollToThsi gotta be my favourite plugin. With a little bit of creativity, you can create a scroll website easily. I have a few tutorials that uses this plugin:
  • QuickSandQuickSandQuickSand has to be one of the most popular plugins because of its cool filtering animation. You can easily see people use this in portfolio websites.
  • MasonryMasonrySimilar to Isotope, but this is the slim down version, just focus on Masonry layout.

Author: Kevin Liew

Kevin Liew is a web designer and developer and keen on contributing to the web development industry. He loves frontend development and absolutely amazed by jQuery. Feel free to say hi to me, or follow @quenesswebblog on twitter.

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Pritesh Desai
Sun, 12th February 2012
beautiful plugins... thanks Reply
Mon, 13th February 2012
Very nice list! Thanks. Reply
Tue, 16th July 2013
Thanx man! Reply
Wed, 31st July 2013
Hi Kevin. Thanks for the great post!

I am building a website and need a lot of hover bubbles or drop down windows. Are there plugins for this or do you recommend something else?

Thanks, James Reply

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