20 Cool And Creative Gift Ideas For Designers

20 Cool And Creative Gift Ideas For Designers

20 Cool And Creative Gift Ideas For Designers


It's December already, few more weeks it's Christmas! I know you might think it's still early, but getting presents can take fair a bit of your time, and sometimes you need to wait for the shipping as well. So, don't procrasinate! Now is the time to start thinking of gift shopping. We're slightly off topic this time, but we these 20 creative gifts will impress your fellow designer, developer, nerdy and geeky friends. You will love them.

  • Website Stencils Brainstorm website and app ideas with ease using this website stencil kit.It also has stencil kits for Pad, iPhone, android etc. Also, you can buy the notepad with browser frame on it.
  • Adobe APP Pillows Colourful Adobe Suite Application Pillows
  • GUI Magnet MacOS Aqua GUI Magnet for your fridge!
  • Photoshop GUI Magnet Adobe Photoshop GUI Magnet
  • Felt Pencil Case The Felt Store's pencil case combines eco-friendly design with functionality and keeps your pens and pencils together.
  • Murder Ink This 300-page sticky notepad is perfect for poison pen notes, letters of resignation, hit lists, and office to-do’s.
  • iPhone 4 Stacks Case The Stacks iPhone 4 case allows you to create your iPhone cover, piece by piece.
  • Icon Pillows Cuddly and cute pillows for geeks and nerds.
  • Typeface Periodic Table Wall Decal If he/she is a typography lover, you should buy this.
  • Mini Robot Vacuum This fun desktop robot will clean up all your messes!
  • TeaRex Silicon TeaRex teabag :)
  • Like or Dislike Stamp Facebook Like or dislike stamp.
  • Pillows for the Internet Hug google, rss, gmail and chrome!
  • Alu Pen The stylish stylus for iPad
  • Tuned Up Trick out your state-of-the art iPhone® in this totally retro audio cassette cover.
  • Threadless T-Shirt Noone would resists the tees from threadless t-shirt!
  • One Man Tied Tidy up your computer cables with one man tied.
  • NerdyDirty Buy them creative illustration!
  • App Magnets Need to decorate your fridge? There're apps for it!
  • Pac-man Moleskine Enough for the ordinary Moleskine, time to spice thing up a little up wit Pac-man theme MoleSkine

If you know some other cool stuff, do share it with us :) Lastly, this nerdy little poster I guess only designers and developers can understand.

Author: Kevin Liew

Kevin Liew is a web designer and developer and keen on contributing to the web development industry. He loves frontend development and absolutely amazed by jQuery. Feel free to say hi to me, or follow @quenesswebblog on twitter.

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Wed, 30th November 2011
I hope I am on the receiving side of these gifts :P Reply
Wed, 30th November 2011
Nice collection! Reply
Wed, 30th November 2011
Will mention your unusual assortment of gift ideas and this site in my Blog tomorrow. Thanks, you did a nice job with your selection of graphics. Well done. http://giftideasinfo.net Reply
John Robinson
Thu, 1st December 2011
I'm really kicking myself that I didn't come up with the idea for that poster! Reply
Ali Qayyum
Mon, 5th December 2011
awesome, i love 1st one :D Reply
Thu, 15th December 2011
those gifts are all cool. May I add another unique one, a message on a necklace. If you are interested check this out...
http://messageonanecklace.com/articles/creative_gift_idea.html Reply
Sat, 23rd November 2013
I'm a web developer and I love a lot of these gifts especially the iPhone compatible stuff. I'm a Mac guy in most cases, but I'm stuck on a PC at the time. I have some other developer friends and have been searching for some good Christmas gift ideas. If you guys want some more ideas check out: http://www.listinglists.com/blog/2013/11/23/gift-ideas-for-web-developers-and-designers/
Happy coding! Reply

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