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Posted by Paula Borowska on 01 Jul 2014 under Web Development has 25550 hits and 3 comments.
What is The Point of CSS Preprocessors

When it comes to preprocessors some of developers have the opinion that they are fixing something that is not broken. However, I’ve personally found that CSS is a pretty dumb...

Posted by Kevin Liew on 30 Jun 2014 under Giveaway has 25547 hits and 23 comments.
Be a jQuery Expert! jQuery Plugin Development eBook Giveaway

We have a sweet giveaway to offer readers -- 10 free copies of "jQuery Plugin Development In 30 Minutes"! The first ten lucky people who write a comment in this...

Posted by Kevin Liew on 25 Jun 2014 under Miscellaneous has 23951 hits and 0 comments.
IVPN -  A Highly Secure Premium VPN Services

Introducing IVPN, a premium highly secure VPN service focuses on protecting your online privacy. IVPN is a registered private company based in Malta where Data Retention Directive (DRD) is not...

Posted by Kevin Liew on 22 Jun 2014 under WordPress has 23965 hits and 0 comments.
20 of the Best WordPress Theme Shops / Developers

Therefore, we’ve made up a top 20 of the best teams that design themes for WordPress sites. So, if you’re on the market for such a website, take a look.

Posted by Kevin Liew on 18 Jun 2014 under Miscellaneous has 25075 hits and 0 comments.
5 Best Website Builders You Need to Know

There are many website builders available online nowadays. Depend on your need, each of them offer different packages and features. However, the most important element of a website builder is...

Posted by Kevin Liew on 16 Jun 2014 under Miscellaneous has 24015 hits and 0 comments.
Parallax Scrolling Animator For Professional Designers. Webydo’s Closed-Beta Invite

Webydo recently launched its closed-beta trial for designers to test out the new Parallax Scrolling Animator and the first 3,000 readers who sign up within the next seven days will...

Posted by Kevin Liew on 12 Jun 2014 under Giveaway has 22389 hits and 5 comments.
Inky Deals Giveaway: 11

Inky Deals is the place to go if you want premium resources at unbeatable prices whether you're a graphic or web designer, developer, or business owner looking to improve yourself...

Posted by Kevin Liew on 11 Jun 2014 under Mobile Development has 27000 hits and 2 comments.
Swift Development - List of Resources You Must Bookmark

When iOS was announced few years ago, iOS development has immediately became a new gold mine. By using Objective-C and Apple homebrew XCode IDE, incredible apps are created and there...

Posted by Kevin Liew on 03 Jun 2014 under Tutorials has 27145 hits and 0 comments.
Create Animated Arrow Navigations With FlexSlider And CSS3

I love FlexSlider. It simple easy to implement and play really well with responsive layout. Apart of that, it has many options and most importantly callback API. With countless time...

Posted by Kevin Liew on 28 May 2014 under Miscellaneous has 22179 hits and 0 comments.
Gridgum - A Premium Responsive Theme Marketplace

Responsive web design has been a trendy layout for most companies who want their website optimised for different screen dimensions. To build it from scratch can be expensive and lengthy...