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Posted by Kevin Liew on 06 Oct 2011 under Giveaway has 1799 hits and 9 comments.
Giveaway 10 Abstract Backgrounds Bundles from VectorPack.net

Abstract Backgrounds Bundle are design elements which are needed by each and every designer. This is why we, at VectorPack.net, have decided to help designers, artists and creatives around the...

Posted by Kevin Liew on 05 Oct 2011 under Miscellaneous has 19237 hits and 0 comments.
10 Infographic Geared Toward Designers

News designers and web developers know that a good informational graphic is more than just flashy images or statistics slapped on a three dimensional bar graph. The best infographics should...

Posted by Kevin Liew on 04 Oct 2011 under Web Development has 17906 hits and 0 comments.
Tips, Tricks and Tools You Will Need to Start Using HTML5 Today

HTML5 has been a really hot topic in web development. With the support of most modern browsers available (Safari, chrome, firefox, IE10 and mobile devices), even though it's not fully...

Posted by Kevin Liew on 27 Sep 2011 under Web Design has 90965 hits and 4 comments.
33 FREE Well-Designed Navigation Menu PSD

 Our 5th series of free psd file, we have collected 33 free psd menu layout. Navigation menu is the most important element in a website. It tells your visitors where...

Posted by Kevin Liew on 27 Sep 2011 under Web Development has 96317 hits and 27 comments.
13 Funny and Useful Lorem Ipsum Generators

For most designers and developers, Lorem Ipsum isn't a stranger to all of us. Well, I know how to write the first sentence without generator! Lorem Ipsum is the industry...

Posted by Kevin Liew on 20 Sep 2011 under Web Design has 37759 hits and 9 comments.
21 FREE Web Forms PSD Layouts

G'day, today our FREE psd will be focus on forms. It's important to keep form design simple and easy to understand. In this post, I have collected 21 Login, search...

Posted by Kevin Liew on 19 Sep 2011 under Inspirations has 22217 hits and 3 comments.
10 Addictive Games You Wouldn't Believe They're Made With Javascript

 Few years back, most of the online games were made with Flash, nowadays, with powerful browsers and web technologies, you can create games with just HTML, CSS and Javascript!

Posted by Kevin Liew on 13 Sep 2011 under Web Design has 56100 hits and 16 comments.
30 FREE Stylish and Decorative Ribbons, Stickers and Badges PSD for Web Designers

 This time, I have collect total of 30 ribbons, stickers and badges PSD files, they are all free and available for download.

Posted by Kevin Liew on 12 Sep 2011 under Giveaway has 4737 hits and 26 comments.
Giveaway 5 Joomla! Mega Deal Worth $1432 Each

In this giveaway, 5 lucky readers will get access to the Joomla! Mega deal organized by AppSumo and ApeForest, valued at $1432 each!

Posted by Kevin Liew on 07 Sep 2011 under Javascript has 124285 hits and 10 comments.
9 Javascript and Animated GIF Loading Animation Solutions

I learned to make loading animation when I was learning flash, it was flash 5! Nowadays, we see it in HTML/CSS/JS websites, especially those are AJAX driven. Loading animation is...