6 Javascript Syntax Highlighting Plugins

19 Mar 2012
 Syntax highlighting is an important feature for all the code editors. It's certainly a must have feature to increase readability and ease the debugging process...

Giveaway: Win 66 Abstract Backgrounds from Vectorpack.net

18 Mar 2012
As the guys at Vectorpack.net have launched a new Mega Design Bundle which contains over 900 design elements, which, for the following 15 days, are...

6 Irresistible Software and Web Bundles For Designers and Developers

Best Deal
16 Mar 2012
Today we have found a list of active and Irresistible software bundles to all the web designers and developers! You can easily save a few...

Minimalism: Complex Philosophical Theories Through Basic Shapes

16 Mar 2012
Genis Carreras - the graphic designer behind a poster series explaining complex philosophical theories through basic shapes. It needs high level of imagination and...

8 Impressive Javascript Chrome Experiments with Multiplayer Support

13 Mar 2012
Javascript has become a really important technology to bring full interactive website to us. This time, we are going to show you a few cool...

6 Robust Date Manipulation Javascript Plugins

13 Mar 2012
I have collection a few date manipulation plugin, all have many features such as display the date into different format, show relative times (eg, 20...

wPaint - A Little jQuery Paint Plugin

11 Mar 2012
A little jQuery plugin paint app that allows you to draw an image using some basic tools providing ability to load and save the images...

Magazine3.com WordPress Themes: 40% Off Coupon Code

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08 Mar 2012
Thanks to the generosity from Magazine3.com, we have a 40% off coupon for you. If you're looking for magazine style WordPress theme layout, you should...

Useful Collection of iOS Tools and Resources for Designers

Mobile Development
07 Mar 2012
If you're a designer or developer and about to step into iOS development, here are a collection of tools you will need. We don't cover...

16 Useful Boilerplates to Start Your Project Quickly

Web Development
05 Mar 2012
Boilerplate is a set of code that can be reused in many ways with little or no alteration. However, the boilerplates we are talking about...

CodeMirror - Javascript Code Editor with Bundles of Features

03 Mar 2012
CodeMirror is a standalone Javascript Library allow us to create online code editor with syntax highlighting feature easily. It supports almost all the famous programming...

Free Download: Balio Web UI Kit

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29 Feb 2012
Today we have an awesome freebies for all of you - Balio UI Kit from Grafpedia. In case you don't know already, Grafpedia is a...

10 Tips for Writing Awesome jQuery Plugins

28 Feb 2012
I've been developing and studying plugins, particularly in jQuery for quite sometime and through this process I have learned a lot about what works and...

11 Highly Configurable And Flexible Content Sliders

27 Feb 2012
 In this post, I have collected 10 featured rich, flexible and highly configurable content sliders. They all support images, and media rich content and some...