Magazine3.com WordPress Themes: 40% Off Coupon Code

Best Deal
08 Mar 2012
Thanks to the generosity from Magazine3.com, we have a 40% off coupon for you. If you're looking for magazine style WordPress theme layout, you should...

Useful Collection of iOS Tools and Resources for Designers

Mobile Development
07 Mar 2012
If you're a designer or developer and about to step into iOS development, here are a collection of tools you will need. We don't cover...

16 Useful Boilerplates to Start Your Project Quickly

Web Development
05 Mar 2012
Boilerplate is a set of code that can be reused in many ways with little or no alteration. However, the boilerplates we are talking about...

CodeMirror - Javascript Code Editor with Bundles of Features

03 Mar 2012
CodeMirror is a standalone Javascript Library allow us to create online code editor with syntax highlighting feature easily. It supports almost all the famous programming...

Free Download: Balio Web UI Kit

Best Deal
29 Feb 2012
Today we have an awesome freebies for all of you - Balio UI Kit from Grafpedia. In case you don't know already, Grafpedia is a...

10 Tips for Writing Awesome jQuery Plugins

28 Feb 2012
I've been developing and studying plugins, particularly in jQuery for quite sometime and through this process I have learned a lot about what works and...

11 Highly Configurable And Flexible Content Sliders

27 Feb 2012
 In this post, I have collected 10 featured rich, flexible and highly configurable content sliders. They all support images, and media rich content and some...

money.js - JavaScript Currency Conversion Library

26 Feb 2012
money.js is a lightweight standalone javascript currency conversion library. If you are building an e-commerce website, this javascript would able to help you to convert...

Smooth Page Scrolling Navigation with PageScroller

23 Feb 2012
PageScroller is a powerful JavaScript based smooth scrolling navigation system that utilizes the robust jQuery library. Created entirely with ease of use in mind, the...

13 Chart and Graph plotting javascript plugins

21 Feb 2012
We have collected 13 Chart and Graph plotting javascript plugins. A few are framework independent and most of them support the basic such as bars,...

Create a Twitter Feed With Hash Tag And Cache Support

20 Feb 2012
Due to popular demand, this tutorial is actually a revisit from my previous Twitter tutorial - Create a dead simple Twitter feed with jQuery. A...

Moment.js - The Missing Javascript Date Library

17 Feb 2012
moment.js is a lightweight and robust javascript date library for parsing, manipulating and formatting dates. Current javascript date method is just too basic to fulfil...

8 jQuery Image Sliders with Impressive Transition Effects

15 Feb 2012
I managed to find top 8 image sliders with amazing and impressive transition effects. Almost all of them have more than 10 to 20 cool...

8 Useful Websites to Learn How to Code Quickly

Web Development
14 Feb 2012
I found 8 really useful online tutorial, some of them are interactive, some of them are written but comprehensive guides to help you to pick...