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Posted by Alex Black on 12 Aug 2012 under Web Design has 14170 hits and 3 comments.
A Showcase of Free UI Kits and Elements

If you're anything like me, then designing a form is more of a hassle than it is a pleasure. While the larger designs, landing pages, buttons and type can be...

Posted by Kevin Liew on 10 Aug 2012 under Javascript has 10421 hits and 0 comments.
JustGage SVG Javascript Animated Gauges

JustGage is a SVG based Javascript plugin to create gauges display. It uses Raphaël library for vector drawing as a result, it's completely resolution independent and self-adjusting.

Posted by Kevin Liew on 09 Aug 2012 under Giveaway has 7002 hits and 32 comments.
Giveaway 3 Superb Web Hosting Services from WebHostingBuzz

We are delighted to announce that we have teamed up with WebHostingBuzz to offer you some great prizes up for grabs. Three lucky winners will receive 1 Years free subscription...

Posted by Kevin Liew on 07 Aug 2012 under WordPress has 25574 hits and 3 comments.
16 Javascript Driven Single Page Premium WordPress Themes

If you are looking to have your own portfolio website and set it up fast, you should consider WordPress. WordPress is a famous blogging platform and it also does a...

Posted by PixelCrayons on 07 Aug 2012 under Web Design has 10106 hits and 1 comment.
UX Design - Taking Branding To A Whole New Level

Identicalness is the word to describe the current marketplace. Consumers are hardly connected to a particular brand; achieving brand loyalty has become quite challenging these days. Traditional marketing strategies, although...

Posted by Kevin Liew on 31 Jul 2012 under Inspirations has 25744 hits and 2 comments.
Showcase of Really Awesome CSS3 Demo

Wondering what you can do with CSS3? Here we have 19 experimental examples to impress you. From simple blurring effect, to complicated animation here you have it all. Also, a...

Posted by Kevin Liew on 30 Jul 2012 under Web Design has 34861 hits and 4 comments.
8 Visually Impressive Javascript Powered Websites

With the fall of Flash, HTML, CSS and Javascript have became the best alternative solution to cater for both mobile and desktop users. Here in this post though, we aren't...

Posted by Kevin Liew on 25 Jul 2012 under Javascript has 22150 hits and 2 comments.
noty - A jQuery Notification Plugin

noty is a jQuery plugin that makes it easy to create alert - success - error - warning - information - b messages as an alternative the standard alert dialog....

Posted by Kevin Liew on 24 Jul 2012 under Javascript has 17473 hits and 3 comments.
Essential Social Media Plugins To Boost Online Social Interaction

Social Media is so important nowadays, that if you don't have it integrated to your website, you need to put it now. It encourages sharing.

Posted by Kevin Liew on 23 Jul 2012 under Tutorials has 65184 hits and 28 comments.
Create jQuery Pinterest Pin It Plugin

Pinterest has been growing to become one of the famous social media website. It allows us organize and share all the beautiful things we find on the web. This plugin...