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Posted by Kevin Liew on 27 Jan 2014 under Web Design has 7524 hits and 2 comments.
Social Kit - Free Photoshop Plugin for Latest Social Media Templates

Social media is one of the important marketing media to reach out to potential customers. Companies are really putting efforts to make it display nicely. So, it's designer's job to...

Posted by Kevin Liew on 22 Jan 2014 under Web Design has 11061 hits and 4 comments.
Super Cool Smooth Scrolling Parallax Websites

Single page website design has evolved into a fully interactive, stunning animations and technically challenging web projects. Here we have 8 handpicked smooth scrolling websites with crazy animations. For best...

Posted by Kevin Liew on 16 Jan 2014 under Web Development has 8953 hits and 1 comment.
BlackTie Free Bootstrap Themes, Really Beautiful!

Bootstrap is already a famous front-end development tools that I believe most designers and developers would know. Besides that, there are javascript plugins designed for bootstrap and if you look...

Posted by Kevin Liew on 16 Jan 2014 under Javascript has 13088 hits and 1 comment.
Simple Loading Spinners Animated with CSS3

Before CSS3, we see loading spinners in flash website, and then AJAX component with animated GIF. Besides, animated GIF, we have seen VML & Canvas spinners too. Now, we have...

Posted by Kevin Liew on 11 Jan 2014 under Web Design has 9442 hits and 0 comments.
Flat Design VS Realism

Happy New Year people! :) It was an exciting year of 2013 in web design and development fields. We had so much things going on with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, NodeJS......

Posted by Kevin Liew on 08 Jan 2014 under Web Development has 15798 hits and 0 comments.
Startup Framework - A Comprehensive UI Framework for Building Beautiful Websites Easily

Startup framework is one of its kind, a comprehensive UI framework that is actually easy to implement and highly reusable to create actual websites. With its hundred of components, you...

Posted by Kevin Liew on 05 Jan 2014 under Miscellaneous has 8512 hits and 0 comments.
Webydo – The Intuitive Website Creator For Design Professionals

You must have read articles about how a platform is revolutionizing the way websites are created by letting people design sites without needing any coding or programming skills. There are...

Posted by Kevin Liew on 23 Dec 2013 under Javascript has 12098 hits and 0 comments.
Summernote - A Super Simple WYSIWYG Editor on Twitter Bootstrap

Twitter Bootstrap has been a great front-end tools for most web developers. Especially for backend development, it saves us plenty of times and efforts. Backend usually doesn't need fancy design,...

Posted by Kevin Liew on 23 Dec 2013 under Javascript has 9605 hits and 0 comments.
Create iOS7 Slick and Minimal Switches with Switchery

iOS7's new UI design definitely bring another wave of design impact into web design and development industry. One of the notable UI changes would be the new switch control.

Posted by Kevin Liew on 11 Dec 2013 under Web Design has 11973 hits and 3 comments.
15 Latest CSS Tools for Web Designers and Developers

CSS tools are considered as an important asset for web developers and designers as they help them achieve desired results by simplifying their jobs they’ve to do. These tools not...