Backup and Restore Databases With MySQL Dump

This handy command line snippets allow us to import and export databases or tables with mysql built in function. Mysqldump command can be configured to export databases, or just a table.


The following command uses mysqldump to export databases and tables.

//Export Database
mysqldump -uUsername -p Database > db_backup.sql

//Export Multiple databases
mysqldump -uUsername -p --databases db_name1 [db_name2 ...] > db_backup.sql

//Export All databases
mysqldump -uUsername -p --all-databases > db_backup.sql

//Export a table 
mysqldump -uUsername -p Database Tablename > table_backup.sql

//Export multiple tables
mysqldump -uUsername -p Database Table1 [Table2 ...]  > tables_backup.sql


Restore database or tables from mysqldump file

mysql -u username --p database_name < dump.sql

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